The BEAUTY HILLS 5-step system generates a completely personalized beauty experience: All products are fitted to each other and your individual selection from the product range forms your personalized care set in a 5-step application system. The complementary active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layers and achieve best possible results. Enjoy an appreciative “WOW” from new acquaintances, colleagues, friends, family and even yourself combined with a long-term improved skin appearance.




This system is characterized by two outstanding features: individuality and synergy


INDIVIDUALITY: Each step of the 5-step product range holds a selection of different products, for example, three different cleansers in step 1. At least, a care set consists of five products - one from each application step. Such a set is compiled by a professional beautician exactly according to your current skin condition and your care goal.

This results in the possibility of far more than 1,000 individual, type-selective care sets with a clearly arranged and understandable assortment of only about 30 products.


SYNERGY: Furthermore, the products act synergistically. That means, they are coordinated and complement each other in their effectiveness. As so often in life, you can achieve more with a carefully crafted and coordinated team than with a group of independent players. The right choice of products as well as the regularity and sequence of treatments plays a decisive role.


For the optimal result of the BEAUTY HILLS SYSTEM the regular visit to a certified Beauty Hills cosmetics institute and the daily care in the morning and in the evening at home is essential. Your professional beautician will choose the appropriate treatments in the cabin and your coordinated take-home care set for you. Ingeniously simple for you - your daily wellness experience for a fantastic, type-fitting skin.

The application:

1) CLEANING: Foam a pea sized amount with plenty of water in hand and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Perform this step twice to remove all impurities. Before further steps, the cleansers must be well removed from the skin with water.

2) FRESHNESS: Removes residues of tap water. Spray on the skin and clean with a cotton pad.

3) MOISTURE: Apply generously on the skin. The skin should feel a little wet. The products are absorbed into the skin after a short time.

4) DEPTH: These products address specific skin needs and work in combination with moisture (step 3) in the deeper layers of the skin. Apply 2-5 drops immediately after step 3 on the wet skin.

5) FINISH: Take a spatula tip to provide your skin with the finishing care and give it more protection and vitality.


With this you enjoy a completely personalized and professional beauty experience - from the wow effect at the first treatment over the daily care experience at home to the successive skin development for a visibly improved skin appearance in the long term.