Tried-and-tested facial machines from Beauty Hills: A valid investment for best results


Investing in high quality facial equipment can be an important decision for cosmetic success. Relevant criteria are:

  • Clients need to feel a difference - at their first treatment and also long term
  • Flexibel application to all kind of customers and a smooth integration into other treatment processes
  • Economic efficiency
  • Fit for future, no legal risks

The Aquapeelation and the Oxygen Skin Blizzard from Beauty Hills are proven by hundreds of professional cosmeticians and inspire countless clients. Both facial machines are...

  • perfectly fitted into the Beauty Hills treatment concepts
  • attractively priced and therefore allow a quick economic return
  • Non-invasive and not under discussion in the context of the current adaptation of the Swiss Cosmetics Regulation

The BEAUTY HILLS AQUAPEELATION, also known as Aquadermabrasion, is considered by many to be an essential pillar of almost every facial treatment. Without sand, chemicals or crystals, skin particles are thoroughly and gently "peeled away". The perfect way to a pure, fine and even skin at reasonable pricing.


You know it: Every cold day and every sunbeam impacts our skin and creates deposits that reduce the aesthetics of our skin.

Even perfectly treated skin needs a a frequent refreshment through peeling sessions. However,  this peeling treatments often go from uncomfortable to painful. An Aquapeelation from Beauty Hills gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin. A pleasant feeling and an important first step into a wonderful beauty journey.



  • Activation of the skin by stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • A special technique of rotating water pressure peels off crusts and impurities. Skin particles are sucked away by an integrated vacuum.
  • Perfect preparation of the skin to be richly supplied with active ingredients.
  • Regular sun- and daylight are not a risk to the skin after the treatment.

The skin takes a deep breath.

Environmental stress, free radicals, but also make-up diminish the absorption capacity of the skin for the vital oxygen. When the largest human organ, the skin, is not sufficiently oxygenated, it ages rapidly and visibly, appearing gray and wrinkled.


To counteract this and to activate cellular respiration, the extra dose of oxygen in the Skin Blizzard treatment specifically flows through the pores and cells of the skin and improves the moisture content and resistance of the skin through stimulated cell metabolism.


At the same time, in one application process, concentrated active ingredients from Beauty Hills can be applied to the skin.

Or let your client enjoy an invigorating oxygen shower through the included Skin Blizzard Oxygen Mask.



  • Reduces skin sensitivity
  • Reduces lines, wrinkles and expression lines
  • Stimulates the skin to more vitality and resilience
  • Improves the moisture content of the skin