The cabin is the foundation of an institute. Therefore, we give the treatments the greatest possible attention. These are individually flexible, varied and adapt to the beauty journey of your customers.

A large number of prepared treatment procedures are available immediately after you join BEAUTY HILLS. With our seasonal focuses and regular new developments, you and your customers are always up to date. The flexible concept allows you to develop your own creations. In this way, you can respond even more specifically to the individual needs of your customers. For treatments that are only available in your institute.

With "Cabin exclusive" selected products are exclusive to the cabin, such as alginate or thermo masks as well as professional BEAUTY PEELS. These are sophisticated chemical peels that you can use after a separate, personal certification.

The range of apperative cosmetics currently includes two technologies: Aqua Dermabrasion works without sand, chemicals or crystals. A thoroughly peeling  without pain. Can be used on almost every skin, even working on the eyelid of your customers.

The Skin Blizzard works with pure oxygen, reduces skin sensitivity and activates cellular respiration. Active ingredients and multivitamin complexes provide an additional boost when needed.




Thorough and gentle exfoliation with the power of pure water. A MODERN Beauty Hills EVERGREEN, indispensable for almost every treatment in the cabin.

The unique characteristics of caviar support a finer, smoother and fresher appearance. For a firm, vital and silky-soft skin.


The purification of the skin via lymph channels is activated and a deep cleansing is carried out. Impulses for cell exchange are initiated, the acid-base balance is optimized and the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated.

Chemical fruit acid peels "for a new me". In addition to the three available peels, we have integrated the Sea Green Mask into the treatment concept as a calming sorbet mask.