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BLUE LIGHT PROTECT for effective protection against oxidative damage caused by blue light, stress or jet lag.

The Blue Light Protect Complex gets your skin back on track, increasing the skin's well-being and supports the reduction of the signs of skin fatigue. Low molecular hyaluronic acid regulates the moisture balance and contributes to a smooth, velvety skin.


The energy booster for tired and stressed skin. For those who work long hours on the laptop, communicate extensively with their smartphones, undertake intercontinental travel or fulfill their professional tasks when the time of day or night changes.

Blue Light Protect supports the protection of the skin from environmental damage such as wrinkles and pigmentation. It cares for the environmentally irritated skin and supplies it with important minerals.


The application is adapted to the urban life. Apply after facial cleansing or care or at any time on the go. An “Easy to use” spray for face, neck and décolleté. Do not spray in the eyes.

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Imagine an effective SPF 50 sunscreen that protects you effectively against UVA, UVB and infrared rays, is ingeniously easy to integrate into your everyday life and is generally very skin friendly. A protection that you can even apply over your makeup.


That's Sun Shield. An innovative development from Beauty Hills - super-chic, cleverly practical and highly effective.

Sun Shield is suitable for all skin types, free of mineral oil, parabens, emulsifiers and nanoparticles. Sun Shield lets your skin breathe, does not block vitamin D, and is generally skin friendly, even for the so-called Mallorca-Acne.


Lady or Gent - you use Sun Shield like your favorite fragrance. Close your eyes and enjoy. A fine spray for an even distribution without rubbing. Your hands remain fat-free and your face is barely noticeably protected. The stylish 30ml bottle fits in any handbag, workbag or suit. Perfect for shopping, cruising and the summer aperitif before sunset.

Also available in the generous 150ml family size for beach and mountain.




The Neck up Lift Lotion is a special product for problem areas of the so-called beauty delta: neck, décolleté and upper arms. Neck and décolleté are often overlooked in anti-aging skincare, revealing much about the person's true age. The Neck up Lift Lotion helps to protect against these signs of aging and to prevent them. The specific pattern of wrinkles and lines around the "beauty delta" are  reduced and the skin tone is tightened, the skin becomes softer and smoother.


High-quality aloe vera gives the skin the necessary moisture and acts for the other ingredients as transport into deeper skin areas. Regestril (TM) slows down the premature breakdown of elastin and collagen, resulting in a high anti-aging effect. Matrixyl helps to build collagen, improves the dermal tissue strength and reduces wrinkle depth. Finally, Rutin reduces lines and wrinkles and repairs damaged dermal tissue.

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THE collagen spray for the reduction of lines and wrinkles and a firm skin.


The Rejuvenation Boost is a unique revitalizing collagen spray. Soluble native collagen molecules build up the skin's moisture deposits, improve moisture-binding ability and promote skin firmness. Valuable extracts from Phyto stem cells activates the cell renewal which makes the skin look smooth and radiant.


The application is very simple:

Shake well before use. Close your eyes and spray directly on the cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Gently massage in until fully absorbed. For best results apply twice a day (morning and evening) and whenever the skin needs a kick of freshness in between. Three pump strokes for the face and three pump strokes for neck and décolleté.



Innovative detoxification with Hawaiian volcanic ash


The Pure and Lift treatment positively affects the detoxification of the skin and gives the skin more luminosity and energy. Contaminants and other harmful substances are better absorbed and excreted by the volcanic ash and coal, which can accelerate regeneration. It helps stimulate the skin's growth processes and combines visible anti-wrinkle results with purity. A sparkling experience.


Your beautician will first thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. After that, she will remove the residues of tap water with the Step-2 freshener and apply the aloe vera gel for deep moisture. Now everything is prepared and the deep black, tingling Cleansing Oxygen mask is applied. You will feel the pleasant effect immediately.

After removing the mask, the beautician will support your skin with other active ingredients and a finishing cream, depending on the skin condition and your desired result.



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With Majestem (TM)


For the first time in the cosmetic industry, an active ingredient has a PROVEN VISIBLE FIRMING EFFECT on chin and face: MAJESTEM (TM) visibly firms and smooths the sagging skin on the chin in just three weeks. It lifts cheeks and reduces under eye wrinkles after only six weeks. Smoothes crows feet, especially on sun-drawn skin, after just six weeks.


Majestem (TM) consists of stem cells of the edelweiss, obtained with the HTN (TM) technology. It protects the skin from oxidative stress and regenerates the elasticity of the skin by restoring mitochondrial dynamics.


Furthermore, the Contour Lifting Duo contains Argireline to support a significant mitigation of wrinkles from facial expression. Hyaluronic acid and collagen provide immediate skin tightening and provide additional intensive moisture. Valuable shea butter in the Contour Lifting Cream nourishes the skin. The face is instantly relaxed and naturally rejuvenated.

Available as effective serum and nourishing cream.